Under Federal law to recover without much difficulty you can, if after deductions it took not more than 5 years and if you've been dismissed at his own request. Mandatory requirement - deductions must be a good reason. Among the valid reasons include your health condition, need to care for a born child or a sick relative, passage of military service in the armed forces or a long business trip. Then you will restore on the same course, from which you go on a budgetary or commercial basis, depending on, you trained for its own account or for the state. If the budget for everyone to recover is not enough, the special Commission made the selection of applicants, the rest will have to conclude the agreement with University of tuition fees.
If the reason payments were not respectful (academic failure, absenteeism, failure to comply with the terms of the contract with the University) or you've stopped learning on their own for no reason at all, then recovery is possible only on a paid basis. The order of recovery in this case is determined by the specific Charter of the University. Contact the Dean of the faculty where you studied, or the rector of the University, and you explain in detail what needs to be done and what conditions are offered in the University. Usually students are invited to study in the same course or go on a course below. In any case, you will need to repay the resulting debt.
For recovery apply to the rector. You may have to interview with the Board of the faculty. Do not forget that you, in addition to academic debt, will have to learn on their own and hand over the difference in the curriculum, so the less time will pass between the expulsion and recovery, the better.