You will need
  • water;
  • - clean handkerchief;
  • - mirror.
If you feel the speck in your eye, do not RUB the eyelids randomly. Your movements should go from the outer corner of the eye to the nose. Gently remove it, when you see the corner of a clean handkerchief or cotton swab.
Even better, if you have the opportunity to wash out the mucous membranes of eyes with plenty of water. Splash a little and blinked, mote needs to clean up.
Use a mirror. Wet the corner of a handkerchief and slide the edge of the eyelid. If you see a foreign object, gently pry it and pull.
Harder to remove the speckif it is stuck under the upper eyelid. Direct view down, remove the lid and remove the interfering object wet cotton swab. If you do not see the speck, you'll need the help of another person.
If you have no opportunity to seek help, enter the water in a wide container (a bowl or basin), lower back face and actively blinked. You can use the stream, released from a syringe without a needle. Perhaps speck will be washed out of this stream of water.
When injected into the eye of lime, which often happens in the whitewashed ceiling, you need to prepare a sugar solution of sufficient intensity. Moisten the eyes of the sweet water. Sugar connects with lime to neutralize it, the pain will subside and the inflammation will cease.
Not long and hard to RUB and remove the eyelids, cover the eyes with a cloth and call an ambulance or go to hospital.
When you get the speck, put on the mucous membranes of the eyes a few drops of antibacterial agents. Such a drop is in any pharmacy. Suitable levomicetinom, "Sofradeks", "Sulfatsil-sodium" and others with anti-inflammatory effect. This is imperative to avoid diseases of the mucous membrane of the eye.
Don't try to get the object with tweezers, otherwise you can badly injure the eyes. Do not use dry and fleecy fabrics, so you will further clog the mucosa.