What is the grease

The grease tool for hair styling, which in its structure resembles a viscous gel. However, in contrast, the grease does not dry the hair and retains their softness. To check availability of the hair can be unnatural luster of strands and the effect of oily hair.

To wash grease much more difficult than any other medium for fixing. The thing is, what it consists of useful oils and mineral fats. Before it is made generally exclusively from products such as paraffin, perfume oil, natural vaseline, rosin. Today it is also often added to beeswax, various flavors, natural oils and a bit of dye.

How to use grease

To get the maximum benefit from this tool, you need to match it with the hair. For thick and fairly obedient hair, use a soft grease. If you need to securely fix the hair, it is better to choose a more difficult variety of this tool. It is also very important to take into account the hair colour for light brown and blonde it is better to use a light grease, as black can slightly change their hue. In addition, the dark tools can leave marks on clothes or pillow.

Apply grease better on dry hair. To do this, just dip two fingers in the jar, grind taken amount between your palms and hold them in the hair. Of course, this should be done in that direction, which must contain hair, but not as necessary. To create a hairstyle like Elvis Presley napolnenie hair, it is also desirable to further lock the varnish.

To wash away the grease, have to work, as it is composed of fatty oils. For this it is best to purchase a special shampoo. If such is not at hand, you can first apply a little olive oil – it made a shampoo to wash out the grease. You should then wash the head means deep cleaning. While it is best to use hot water, which dissolves much more efficiently included with grease fatty substances.

Washing away the grease, be prepared for the fact that wash your hair will have a few times. And in this case, the grease does not completely come off the hair. If the grease you plan to use it everyday, wash it until the end every night is not necessary. However, despite its constituent components is useful, the tool recommended to use with breaks.