You will need
  • mirror;
  • - packing paper napkins or clean handkerchief;
  • - artificial tears;
  • - glass for eye wash.
Before removing the foreign body, wash your hands. Select a place with good lighting and inspect eyes in the mirror. Perhaps the fallen eyelash is not yet entered on the mucosa. It can gently remove with your fingers or a corner of a clean handkerchief.
If a cursory examination the eyelash is not detected, maybe it is the water century. Carefully remove the lower eyelid. Armed with a clean handkerchief or paper tissue. Fold the handkerchief and handed it to area fallen eyelash. Wet hair will stick to the dry cloth. Remove it.
If you wear contact lenses eyelash can stick to them. Remove the lens, look at her. Discover the eyelash, remove it, rinse the lens with a disinfectant solution and insert it back. If the lens was nothing in it, place it in the container with the solution and carefully inspect the eyes – eyelash remained on the mucous membrane.
You see the hair on the mucosa of the eyes? Do not try to remove it immediately, you better try to move it to the edge of the eyelid naturally. Close your eyes and easily massage the eyelid with your fingers in the direction of the nose. Open your eyes and remove the eyelash area of the handkerchief or napkin.
Much more difficult when the foreign body falls under the upper eyelid. Blinked – perhaps the balance will go down and it can be removed.
If all the manipulations do not help, try to wash the eyes. Type in a special glass or in a small pile of clean drinking water to the brim. Attach the glass to the face so that her eyes were completely submerged in water. Several times, open and close it. Eyelash wash off with water. Instead of plain water for rinsing eyes can use saline solution from the drugstore or a special liquid for contact lenses.
If the removal process was delayed, the eye can be irritated. Sedate him, then under the eyelid artificial tears. After some time the redness and discomfort will disappear.