You will need
  • needle from a medical syringe;
  • - tweezers;
  • Vata;
  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • - iodine, or brilliant green;
  • - streptocida or tetracycline ointment;
  • - antiseptic patch;
  • bint.
If there is an accident, and the arm or leg stuck a piece of glass, you should immediately contact the nearest emergency room or to the surgeon. But the pull of glass can be in "field" conditions. For this you need to have certain medical supplies and to possess a certain degree of intelligence.
You need to remember that you must act as quickly as possible – because glass can spontaneously go deep into the wound and cause extensive suppuration. The first step is to soak the affected area in a solution of baking soda or salt. This will contribute to the rapid extraction of foreign body.
Then, wash your hands and treat them, a needle from a medical syringe and tweezers special antiseptic. Then you need to gently widen the wound with a needle to get access to the shard.
Then you need to try to carefully pick up the shard with tweezers. Removing it should be under the same angle at which the glass stuck in the skin. Under the wound keep piece of cotton to a foreign body in the left on it. It must be remembered that the procedure for extraction must be conducted in a well-lit room – this will increase the chances of a successful outcome.
In that case, if the fragment is relatively small, you can gently press two fingers on the skin next to it. There is a certain probability that it will come by itself. After that, the wound can be glued with special antiseptic plaster.
After extraction of foreign bodies need to carefully treat the affected area with hydrogen peroxide. The edges of the wound should be lubricated with iodine or green paint. In that case, if the wound is large, it is necessary to grease it streptotsidom or tetracycline ointment, and on top to apply a bandage. This is to prevent wound infection and increase the chances of its healing.