If the camera does not see the card

Sometimes the camera refuses to see the SD card. This problem occurs quite often, especially if the drive is of questionable quality. The reasons for this kind of fault could be several.

First and foremost, you need to pay attention to the lever, which is located on the side of the memory card. Maybe he mechanically moved to the "lock" position. This mode is a memory card designed to prevent accidental deletion or the file copy of the drive. In this case, to solve the problem simply. It is necessary to shift the lever in reverse from the lock position, and then the memory card again to resume performance.

If doing the manipulation lever lock you do not resolve your problem, please note on the nest camera. Perhaps the contacts in it dusty, or the hole got a bit of grit. In this case, carefully clean the connector from contamination and try to use the memory card again.

If the problem remained unresolved, so in the memory card or in the camera there is a malfunction. Try inserting the camera memory card. If it recognizes the new drive will it work correctly, the problem is not exactly in the camera.

The camera may not see a memory card in one case. Perhaps the amount of drive does not meet the requirements of the camera. Then one solution is to purchase a memory card a little less memory.

In the case that the problem lies not in the flash drive and the camera case can take a difficult turn. The problem to solve independently is not recommended. It is better to contact a specialized service center, where experienced craftsmen will be able to diagnose your camera and identify the fault and then fix it.

Independent workarounds

When the card memory is recommended first to format it on the computer. It is best if this process will take place with the default settings the formatting process. If this procedure has not yielded any results, you should seek the assistance of special software.

The next step after formatting the card will be flashing her controllers. For this procedure there are many programs and applications. If after flashing the result is still there, and on the memory card are preserved valuable files, should contact a special organization that will be able to recover data from damaged media.