Of course, if any problem is encountered with the eyes, it is best to immediately consult a doctor for professional medical help with eyes not kidding. But some of the procedures carried out in the first minute, sometimes more expensive than all subsequent treatment. Even if I have to use the means at hand. First and foremost, it is advisable to rinse sore eyes.
Rinsing still doing the same as before, i.e. in three ways.
The first method is using a rubber "pear", the worst. It is difficult to maintain sterility of the rubber inside. Therefore, the other three deserve way more attention.
The second method is using a glass pipette or syringe. To dial in the pipette or syringe the right medicine and spray to release the eye, pulling the lower eyelid down.
The third method is that rinsing doing using specially designed for this capacity. A glass container is an elongated glass on oval base. The edge of the elongated side walls of the concave, which helps more closely to push the capacity to the skin.
Now there are trays of various polymer materials that do not detract from its durability and comfort. How to wash the eyes with the help of a bath? Very simple. To dial into the bath water or solution of medication to lean in and cuddle up to her so that his eyes were tightly surrounded by the edges of the bath. Holding your hand in the tub, put my head back and blinked a few times, wide open eyes.
Use Eyewash, cooled herbal tea, chamomile, eyebright, prepared with 1 tbsp. spoons of flowers or tea brought to a boil in a glass of water. You can also wash the eyes with salt solution – half a teaspoon of salt in a glass of water. Water should be boiled and to be at room temperature or body temperature.
For the rapid removal of substances out of the eye chemical burns can also wash the eyes under running tap water. The conjunctiva has the ability to almost instantly suck some of the fluid trapped in the eye. The rest of the excess fluid gets into the tear duct. Therefore, the time for preparation of decoctions may not be.