Easily diagnosed causes

The easiest case is if the eye was an eyelash or speck of dust that you cannot see or can't remove. It will quickly make the doctor, and unpleasant the problem will disappear.

Worse, if my eye infection. Then develops conjunctivitis, which not only ran a stream of tears, but the eyelids swell, redden the whites of the eyes, painful to look at bright light. In addition, in the morning, eyelashes stick together dry over night pus.

Severe tearing is the flu, sinusitis, rhinitis. Infants can roll the tears from one eye, when they cut the "eye" tooth in the upper jaw. Chronic crying, alas, the sad lot of many Allergy sufferers. Eyes may tear due to excessive sensitivity of the cornea to cold, wind, bright light.

Watery eyes can happen to those who are many years wear contact lenses, but not very carefully cares for them. And even with those who suffered strong emotional distress, depression. The elderly often watery one or both eyes due to age-related ptosis of the upper eyelid or partial eversion of the lower eyelid.

Hidden causes

But most causes of epiphora associated with physiological disturbances in the ocular apparatus. It could be one of two options: either the lacrimal gland secretes too much moisture and channels do not have time to take her, or violated the mechanism of fluid removal from the eye.

The first option produced a lot of tears due to inflammation of the cornea or conjunctivitis, as well as due to burns or eye injury. The second option the reason may be hiding: 1) the clogging, narrowing and even obstruction of the lacrimal canal; (2) inflammation of the lacrimal SAC; 3) partial ectropion.

When the stagnant fluid becomes infected lacrimal SAC, and the development of inflammation, often suppurative dacryocystitis. Usually it happens two to three months babies and older people. If the inflammation take the cornea can lead to ulcers, subsequently turning into an eyesore.

Another possible complication of chronic dacryocystitis – inflammation of the lacrimal SAC. The skin area turns red, swells, becomes painful due to the accumulation of pus. It comes out through the fistula, which is formed when the abscess is opened.

Another problem that can cause dacryocystitis, is an inflammation of the cornea or keratitis. It may develop after the conjunctivitis, mechanical injuries, as well as complicated viral infections, tuberculosis, brucellosis, malaria, syphilis, some neurological diseases. Treat dacryocystitis and its complications mainly surgical.

Sometimes it makes you cry eyes lagophthalmos – dysphonia upper and lower eyelids. This congenital defect is very rare, it usually occurs after facial injuries scars on the skin of the eyelids, neuro-infections, paralysis of the facial nerve.

Finally, tearing of one eye can be caused by lesions of the blood vessels. They often occur in diseases of the sclera and cornea, hypertension, diabetes, trauma, after eye surgery. Definitive diagnosis helps to deliver x-rays or computed tomography, which exclude or confirm the presence of disturbances in the ocular apparatus.