Advice 1: What to do if the eyes are red and sore

Eyes are very sensitive to the effects of environmental factors and the condition of the body. If the eyes are red and sore, the causes can be different: fatigue, allergies, conjunctivitis or other eye diseases. And to act in every case in different ways.
What to do if the eyes are red and sore
The first thing you need to understand what the eye is red and hurts, what to do specifically in this case and where to go. It is advisable to visit a doctor for a checkup, consultation and treatment, if necessary.

Make sure it has not got a foreign body. To do this, simply open your eyes and see with a mirror the presence of cilia or a speck of dust. You need to ask someone to look at the eyes, as watery eyes may not just consider a small Sora through the mirror.

If red eye pain, and pain is difficult to open, need to help the hands: the index finger to lock the upper lid, and large – to hold bottom. So you can hold the eye open to inspect it and remove the speck.

In simple cases it is enough just to blink, and the COP himself slips out along with tears. You can speed up this process, rubbing their eyes from the outer corner to the inner, but not Vice versa, not to drive the speck further. When it will be in the corner of your eye, you need to remove it with a cotton swabs, tissue or a clean handkerchief.

If the speck is stuck under the upper eyelid, you have to look down, to lift the upper eyelid, and then gently to get the foreign body with a cotton swab, previously soaked in clean water. It is better to take the help of another person, not to accidentally cause more damage to the eye.

You cannot use tweezers or other hard objects during the extraction of the mote, so as not to injure the eye the sharp edge. So it is not necessary to get it dry fleecy fabrics, so as not to clog the mucous membranes of the eyes.

If it is impossible to get a foreign body, you need to stop trying and to go to the doctor. To do this, cover your eyes with a cloth, do not open it and do not RUB, go to the hospital or call an ambulance to the house.

In that case, if the victim wears contact lenses, redness and eye pain can be caused by poor cleaning of the lens or overwork. Improperly selected glasses can also cause pain that range from mild tingling in the eyes to severe headaches. In this case, you must consult an ophthalmologist for consultation, to conduct a survey and to choose such glasses or lenses, which do not cause discomfort.

In addition to affect the eye can various chemicals. For example, cosmetic preparations, trapped in the mucous when applying or removing make-up. In this case, rinse the eye with cool clean water and contact an ophthalmologist, who will prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs, means for the recovery and healing of tissues.

From allergies, pain and redness of the eyes may occur due to the impact of allergens on the mucosa, but with these symptoms will manifest other signs of allergies: watery eyes, stuffy nose, etc. In this case, will rinsing with cool water and lotions. Slotsamerican drops will help alleviate the condition to visit a doctor who will be able to identify the substance that caused the Allergy.

In modern lifestyle, people spend a lot of time at the computer, which greatly strains the eyes and can cause fatigue, and it is manifested by redness, pain and tearing. At risk are people who work behind the monitor all day under fluorescent lighting and in a room with air conditioning. For prophylaxis is recommended to take a break every hour for at least 5-10 minutes for your eyes to rest. At this time you can do exercises for the eyes to relieve tension and stretch your eye muscles. Overvoltage or the syndrome of "dry eye" can help special eye drops that are designed for such cases. But they should be used only after consultation with an ophthalmologist and with his permission.

Don't forget about the conjunctivitis, common disease, manifested by pain and redness of the eyes. You must cover the affected eye with a bandage to reduce irritants, and see a doctor. At the time of illness patient should use a separate towel and linen, not to infect relatives conjunctivitis.

There are other causes of pain and redness of the eyes, so that when the occurrence of such symptoms is better to consult an ophthalmologist.

Advice 2: What to do when a sore arm

Pain in the hand can occur at any age and can be a symptom of various diseases, and can be the consequence of tension or injuries. In any case, it is not necessary to disregard this warning signal your body.
What to do when a sore arm
Determine what is pain: muscle or joint. If the sore shoulder, elbow or wrist joints, the pain is articular in nature. If the arm hurts during muscle pain muscle.

Remember, if there was any undue stress or injuries relating to the hand. If you got a bruise or sprain, use rastertime with analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect, such Bystrumgel ' or Festungen. Long known ointment Ortofen Diclofenac and also have anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. To ease the pain symptom you can drink non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like Ibuprofen.

Use the ointment with a warming effect, such as Capsicum to relieve pain in muscles and joints. If your pain is articular in nature, you fit the above ointments, and in addition, the rubbing-based bee (Apistan) and snake (I experienced an unexpected side effect) poisons.

If the pain is long don't go away or are intermittent, and worse with movement of your arms or stress on it, see a therapist or trauma. You may be sent for x-rays to understand the cause of pain.

Pain in the hand can manifest in many diseases associated with muscle and bone system: neuralgia, arthritis, polyarthritis, writing cramps, etc., Can have their place, and rheumatism. All these diseases reveals a physician, so do not put self-diagnosis and not self-medicate.

Ask your doctor to prescribe you physiotherapy (e.g., electrophoresis), if arm pain persists for a long time after a fracture or other injury. You may need to have massages or any other treatments.

Before visiting the doctor limit the load on the patient's hand, keep it at rest.

Advice 3: What to do if your eyes are red

The problem of red eyes became relevant in the 20th century, when the desktop of almost any employee, if he is not a carpenter or Turner, by all means supplied by the computer or laptop. My eyes get tired from the constant tension and often does not withstand the usual loads, starting to blush and swell. If the problem is "dry eyesand" you know firsthand, it's time to learn to deal with it.
What to do if your eyes are red
Redness protein the eye is an extension of the tiny blood vessels inside the eyefulls of Apple. This happens due to fatigue and over-voltage, under the action of mechanical damage, as well as due to allergic reactions to cosmetics or medications. Sometimes the redness is a sign of infectious disease or to a chronic shortage of any nutrients. And because of different reasons – to combat redness it is necessary differently. If you know that irritation, fatigue and redness caused by heavy load, it is necessary to take appropriate action. Work with the computer, of course, change is not necessary, but it makes sense to think about how you can improve the condition of their weary eyes areOK during the day. First, never neglect the additional sources of light near the computer or a book. The fact that the electronic monitor lights up, does not mean that it is not necessary to turn on the lamp or overhead light. Make a habit good lighting while you work and feel that the tension is greatly reduced.Modern means, removes redness, act on the result without eliminating the causes. They constrict dilated capillaries, giving you temporary relief and resulting in a more or less decent view. But to abuse such drops are not worth it. If redness caused by the strong tension, high blood pressure or a chemical burn, after 10-15 minutes, your red eyesKi will return to its previous state, regardless of any drugs. As a temporary relief good idea to use a towel soaked in cold water, or ice. It will also cause vasoconstriction.Eyes like all other organs of our body have a special diet and exercises. Drink fresh carrot juice, eat blueberries and try to at least every half hour to look away from the glowing monitor and look around. No matter what you contemplate, but still better to look at distant objects. The fact that with the dawn of development of mankind, people used to look into the distance in search of food and possible dangers. Eye much more comfortable to observe objects further away than those located under the nose. Keep this in mind and let your eyesam comfortable.Nothing restores the natural state of your eyesthan tears. So try to blink more often, not to allow proteins to dry. The same purpose can be purchased at the drug artificial tears. Its application will allow you to get rid of the discomfort and create the much desired comfort.

Advice 4: What to do if you got hit in the eye mote

It happens that the eye gets the speck, for example, an eyelash, dust or a lump of ink. Usually when blinking, she washed with tears, but there are times when something is delayed in the eye. In this situation, you will find useful recommendations that will help to deal with it without any consequences for health.
What to do if you got hit in the eye mote

What not to do if you got hit in the eye mote?

In the first place you should not RUB the eyes is the main thing you need to remember. If something is tough enough, it may scratch the eyeball.

In addition, in no case should one try to get it with dirty hands. First, you run the risk of infection that can cause severe irritation or even blindness if it will develop. Second, you can optionally put in the eyes a piece of skin or a speck of dust. If the mote got deep under the eyelid, do not attempt to remove it yourself – apply on eyes loosely a bandage and go to the doctor.

What you need to have on hand?

To remove the speck out of your eye, you will need:
- pure cotton, q-tips or sterile cotton wool;
- boiled water (cold or warm);
- pipette;
- anti-inflammatory, moisturizing eye drops, or weak tea.

How to remove the speck from the eye?

First we need to wash the eyes with boiled water, trying to wash the speck. It is desirable to use a dropper, if it is at hand and the drip in her in the eyes. If not, move the eyelid and try, carefully directing a jet of water to wash away the alien part.

In the case where a foreign body is deep, try to pick up his wet ear stick, damp cotton wool or a bent cotton pad soaked in water. Do not use dry cotton wool, since after its use in the eye will remain the villi.

If something were under the upper eyelid, try to gently twist it and catching it. But do not overdo it to avoid damage to the eyes, as there is a risk to harm the tissues of the cornea, and to further push the foreign body.

Once you have removed the speck, put anti-inflammatory eye drops to prevent irritation. If not, flush eyes weak tea at room temperature.

If none of the methods did not produce results, apply bandage on the eye and refer to ophthalmologist. You also need to immediately visit a doctor if during the day after the extraction of the mote you have noted pain, redness, swelling of eyes, itching, burning, blurred vision, watery eyes. Such signs likely to indicate inflammatory response, and therefore, perhaps the presence of infection. Treat to the eyes, and they will reward you with good eyesight!

Advice 5: What to do if a sore eyelid

If a sore eyelid, you need to consult a doctor. Up to this point can be treated the skin with an antibiotic ointment, make a lotion of a decoction of herbs and drip the eye drops of sulfacetamide.
What to do if a sore eyelid
The eyelid may be sore for several reasons. It is very important to diagnose the disease and start appropriate treatment. Therefore, when the first signs of illness should immediately contact a doctor.


Pain century can cause erysipelas, which is caused by hemolytic Staphylococcus. Herpes zoster is difficult to confuse with any other illness: the patient feels severe pain in the affected areas of the skin, it is red and swollen, later it appear typical herpetic vesicles. Boil and barley have similar symptoms: in both cases, the skin reddens, thickens and inside this swelling discern purulent contents. Abscess most commonly affects the upper eyelid, causing pain in the affected area of the skin and head.

Cellulitis eyelid or the lacrimal SAC most often develops on the background of inflammation and infection with pyogenic microbes. Conjunctivitis can also hurt the eyes causing profuse tearing and pus. This condition as well as injuries, entropion century and dacryocyst can lead to the development of ulcers of the cornea.

What to do

In the first place to go to the doctor. First aid can include rinsing brewed black tea, or solution of boric acid (1 teaspoon per Cup of boiled water). After the skin is dry, sore eyelid can be treated with green with castor oil or hydrocortisone ointment. To remove the swelling and relieve the suffering of the patient will help lotions from ice and easy wiping frozen cubes. Have high effectiveness in compresses and lotions made from grated potatoes, and a mask of melted paraffin.

In this situation can help and herbs. A good anti-inflammatory effect have flowers of chamomile, sage, calendula and others. Need to brew the herb as directed on the box with the tool, to wet in part of a cotton ball and apply to the affected eyelid for 10-15 minutes. To treat a stye at home: mix one teaspoon of honey with one teaspoon of flour. The resulting pellet to impose on a sick eyelid, fix a bandage and leave overnight. Morning from the barley will not be over. Conjunctivitis and other diseases associated with pus ointment will help with antibiotic – levomicetina, tetracycline and eritromicina.

In addition, your doctor may prescribe eye drops sulfacetamide that need to be instilled in each eye 4-6 times daily 1-2 drops. Many are treated with heat, for example, is applied to the patient century, a boiled egg or grilled onions. But if the disease is of microbial nature, this is not recommended.
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