What is epigastri?

Generally pedastry is a Chinese multi-colored panicles that are designed so that they looked like dust from a variety of home improvement products. Today we often hear that pipemaster is not a Chinese whisk, and a pompom, which are the so-called cheerleaders (sometimes write this word as cheerleaders, which is a deviation from the rules of the Anglo-Russian transcription).

For those who do not know, it should be clear: cheerleading is a kind of sport that combines elements of sports (acrobatics, dancing, gymnastics), or just elements of the show. Usually in the form of cheerleaders are dancing girls, who disparagingly referred to as cheerleaders. They dance, waving merrily with a fluffy POM-poms in hand. The meaning of their performances – support favorite sports team.
Cheerleading is a separate and independent view of sport, which competitions are held not only in Russia. The cheerleading Championships are held in Europe and around the world.

Returning to the main topic of this article, it should be noted that some people mistakenly take these cheer POM-poms for the real epigastri. It is not so! The cheerleaders POM-poms is the POM – poms, and Chinese epigastri to remove dust is pedastry. In General, these are two different things. It should be clear why between them there was this simple confusion.

Why confuse cheer POM-poms and Chinese epigastri?

The fact that the name "pipemaster" comes from the English word PP Duster, however, the resemblance of a cheer POM-POM gave them the English slang name – duster (duster or cheering). POM-poms in English are pronounced as Pom-Pom. The result was a contraction of the words Pom-Pom to PP and add them with the word duster. The output is a funny word PP Duster, one to one similar with the word "pipemaster".
The cheerleading Championships are held in several nominations: Chir – elements of gymnastics and acrobatics; cheer-dance – sports dance with elements of gymnastics; cheer-mix – the performance of men and women and other categories.

It is therefore wrong to assume that epigastri – those POM-POM waving on their performances cheerleaders. In addition, the word "pedastry" heard or seen in a particular context of judgment (or insults), absolutely means nothing. The author of this statement or doesn't know the meaning of pipemaster, or just gave a kind of play on words.