Ordinary eye irritation, which is often caused by dirt, sand, dust, foreign bodies on the surface of the eye, is very tricky. In order to clean the eye and not to harm them in the first place, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. In this case, do not RUB your eyes or press on them heavily. Explain this to your child.
In that case, if the eye was the small foreign body, the only suitable method of extraction – washing. In that case, if you need to rinse the child tilt the baby's head over the sink, gently pull down your lower eyelid to your little one's eyes opened as widely as possible, and start washing. If necessary, washing eyes baby better if his eyes are open will keep a third.
Rinse the eye requires about 15 minutes. While every 5 minutes in washing you need to take a break, to make sure that the foreign body, sand or dirt have been removed. For washing better to use cool water or water at room temperature.
Eyewash can also be used a special vessel, which is sold in pharmacies. The shape of the vessel that resembles a shot glass, its edges smoothed. In a vessel pour the liquid to the top. In this case, the liquid can be like an ordinary warm water or decoction of chamomile flowers, blue cornflower, furatsilinovoy weak solution. Note that the Eyewash is absolutely impossible to apply very hot or very cold liquid, is not suitable and the coolest tea or a solution of potassium permanganate. For washing the eyes, lean over the vessel so that the eye was inside the vessel, open it and blinked. Repeat the procedure several times and debris or a foreign body will be washed up.
If even after washing and removal of foreign body irritation of the eyes has not stopped, be sure to consult your doctor as it may mean that through scratches on the shell of the eye could be developing an infection. Also, the specialist should contact the if by washing you failed to remove a foreign object from the eye.