You will need
  • or
  • - furatsilin tablets 0.02 g;
  • water;
  • - cotton pads
  • or
  • - sterile solution furatsilina of 0.02%;
  • - cotton pads.
It is not always possible to get a sterile solution furatsilina. Usually it is sold in retsepturno-industrial departments of state pharmacies. But not always such a pharmacy is close to home. It is therefore easier to buy medicine tablets at any local pharmacy and to prepare a liquid for washing the eyes themselves.
Pour 200 ml of warm boiled water and put 2 tablets furatsilina. As they are very poorly soluble in water, will have to wait half a day. If the pills are pre-crushed, then the waiting time will be reduced. But in any case, before applying the solution needs to be strain through double cheesecloth, as even the smallest particles of the tablet may harm the mucous membrane of the eye.
Rinse the eye with saline at room temperature. At desire it is possible also to heat the fluid to 37 degrees. But in any case, the solution temperature should not be above body temperature.
Rinsing should be with clean hands, therefore, before the procedure, wash them with warm water and soap.
To wash the eyes in several ways. The simplest way with the help of cotton pads. Saturate them with solution furatsilina, just press lightly to slide the lower eyelid and start to wipe eyes from the inner edge to the outer.
Even if the infection affected one eye, have to wash both eyes, and it is important to do it in a separate pad. Compliance with the hygienic requirements will not allow the infection to spread to the healthy eye.
For washing, you can use special eye funnel-shaped calyx. If desired, they can be purchased at the pharmacy. When washing it is important not to close your eyes, otherwise the therapeutic effect will not be achieved. The flow of the solution should be permanent, but not very strong. This method of irrigation is commonly used in contact with a foreign body in the eye.