Advice 1: How to remove eye irritation

Irritation of the eyes for many, has become a familiar problem. Lack of sleep, fatigue, long work at the computer, reading, any foreign objects in the eyeand - the reasons can be many, but regardless of them to deal with the irritation you need to immediately after its occurrence.
How to remove eye irritation
Stop rubbing your eyes. The normal reaction of any person to the discomfort - immediately begin to touch with their hands. It is unlikely to relieve symptoms, so it's best not to do it, not knowing the cause of the inflammation.
Determine the cause of the irritation. Redness, dryness, burning can indicate various problems, from the mote in the eyeat to conjunctivitis.
When hit in the eye a foreign object it needs to be remove as soon as possible. Don't do this with dirty hands, don't try to get in the eye with your finger. For this best fit of wet cotton wool (take a cotton pad, fold it in half, then in half again, and you get a great tool to deal with the mote in the eye). It is important to use damp cotton wool to avoid damage to sensitive eyeing Apple. If you are unable to get the speck out of the eyeand contact your eye doctor - don't delay with the solution.
With dry eyes make a cold compress. Apply to closed eyesam cold water soaked cloth for 5 minutes. During the day you can repeat the procedure 2-3 times.
Redness can occur for different reasons. First aid can serve as a drop called "Natural tear" is a fluid similar in composition to natural tears people, will help to moisturize the mucous membranes and ease discomfort, reduce redness.
Tea compresses also help to eliminate the irritation to eyes. Steep an ordinary tea bag in boiling water, but keep him there for long. Cool bag, squeeze lightly. Take a horizontal position and apply to closed eyesam on the bag for a few minutes (5 to 7).
Prevention is the best helper. Do not linger at the computer, take breaks. Long reading times in the 10-15 minute transfer to the eyeand in the far corner of the room. Try to sleep and be in the room Smoking no more than 5 minutes.
Severe and prolonged irritation of the eye indicates an inflammatory process, so immediately contact your doctor.

Advice 2: What drops can relieve the eye fatigue

Eye fatigue is manifested by unpleasant sensations of burning and dryness, strongly dilated and broken blood vessels. Reasons can serve as computer work, lack of lacrimal glands, wearing lenses and environmental factors. In pharmacies sell special drops against eye fatigue of different companies and in different price categories.
Eye drops eye fatigue
Ophthalmologist is recommended for eye fatigue to make a "visine Pure tears." These drops can be used regularly, as they consist of natural herbal ingredients and have no side effects. Means perfectly relieves fatigue and moisturizes the eyes. The average price of these drops in Russian pharmacies is 145 roubles.
The only drug that not only eliminates signs of fatigue the eye, but also acts on the causes of the disease, is "Vittamin". This means the price is appropriate — 500 rubles. Often it is used as keratophakia. These eye drops normalize lesoproduktsii cells of the conjunctiva, reduce inflammation and restore the composition of the tear film. "Vittamin" appoint patients older than 18 years. Before applying you should consult with your doctor.
Also for symptoms of discomfort and fatigue of eyes use drops "Systane Ultra". They effectively help to relax eyes after long hours behind the monitor and eliminate eye irritation that occurred under the influence of dry air, sun rays, smoke and dust. Also these drops are well moisturize the eyes with long wearing lenses.
There is a drug which is a drug analogue of human tears. It's called "Natural Tears". It reduces eye fatigue by replenishing the tear fluid and additionally moisturizes the cornea. To take these drops is necessary as we need to eliminate feelings of fatigue and discomfort in the eyes. Analogue this drug is a gel "Oftagel".
Eliminate eye fatigue drops "Axial". They contain electrolytes and hyaluronic acid. The product effectively promotes rapid recovery of cells of the cornea. Also moisturize and soften the cornea drops "sofradeks" Sanofi Aventis. Components of this tool protects the eyes from fatigue, dehydration and irritation.
For patients suffering from fatigue and dry eyes, ophthalmologists recommend "Vidisic". It is a biological inert hydrogel, similar in composition to human tears. "Lacantina" among components has chlorhexidine, which has a disinfectant action. The drug is particularly recommended for patients who wear lenses. It protects the eyes from fatigue and dehydration. All of these drugs in pharmacies are about the same price — 200-250 rubles.
To the eye drop that relieves eye fatigue, can be attributed to the "frail-chest", "Hilser Chest", "Fitted", "Taufon". Among the domestic products it is worth noting "the torch", in which, in addition to the required components, there are vitamins E and A, pine oleoresin.

Advice 3: Colored lenses for dark eyes

Colored contacts for dark eyes are very popular among the fair sex. Thanks to the color lenses you can change your appearance. The main thing to choose the right lens and not to harm your health.
Colored lenses for dark eyes
Colored lenses for dark eyes
Recently colored contacts for dark eyes, became very popular. Thanks to these lenses a person can alter the color of their eyes, and quite safe for health. With the help of colored lenses, eyes become more attractive and bright.

Selection of colored lenses for dark eyes

To choose colored lenses owners dark eyes is a lot harder these lenses and are characterized by a deep color saturation. So if you want to change your eye color, you will have to limit ourselves to just this kind of colored lenses.

Colored lenses lighter shade when combined with the dark color of the iris does not give the desired result. Choosing lenses for dark eyes focused on the bright and deep colors that will add to your look of mystery and allure.

The cost of colored lenses varies depending on the duration of their use and of the manufacturer. Optical colored lenses will cost relatively more expensive than usual.

Even if you have no vision problems, you still need to seek the advice of a specialist. As any lenses can cause redness and irritation of the eye shell, and allergic reactions. To pick up the lens only after a visit to an ophthalmologist.

If, however, there was an allergic reaction, you should immediately remove the lenses. The irritation is possible to drip eye drops. If you do not have drugs, you can wash with cool water. She's a little to reduce inflammation, but can not completely get rid of allergies.

The rules of care for colored lenses

Colored lenses have low oxygen permeability, so you should wear them no more than 8-9 hours a day. It is strictly forbidden to sleep in the lenses.

Before wearing lens, make sure that it does not show any damage and contamination. Store lenses you need in a special container. Changed not less than 1 time in 3 months.

Use water to remove impurities from the surface of the lens is strictly prohibited. Since the penetration of various microorganisms and bacteria. For cleaning use only special solutions, according to the instructions for use.

The main means to care for colored lenses include:
- - solutions;
- peroxide system;
- saline solutions;
- daily cleaning;
- disinfectants and cleaning device;
- enzyme cleaners;
- tools for daily removal of protein deposits;
- moisturizing drops.

It is important to remember that buying colored lenses should only be checked in stores. So without harm to health you can change their appearance to emphasize the beauty of the eyes.
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