The work lawyer needs to start during the training of this specialty, at least 3 of the course. Perhaps the first time will have to work for free or for small salaries, but will not have problems to determine the place of internship and will have at least some experience.Job search lawyer should start with law firms. Make a list of all offices for information services and call them, offering their services. In advance, prepare a few summary of options suitable for each individual office. If you decide not to call them, but you can get around all by yourself, you will need business cards. In legal firms you can get as a paralegal or working with clients.Some schools choose to share with the enterprise for practice as a lawyer. In this case, it is necessary to seize the opportunity to get to work. For this you need to show all their skills may not be in legal matters, but the ability to get along with people, to communicate, to properly maintain records and be responsible. Then you can notice and cooperate with you in the future.Another way to find a job lawyer to appeal to the state authorities. For example, the police. The police from time to time required by investigators. Some lawyers start with this profession. But there is also important experience. And the third way is to find out about jobs of a lawyer at the enterprises with the legal Department. They can work, for example, a consultant. If you are in training or have a husband/parents that you will be able to provide, do not give up working for free. It is important to gain experience, to achieve good characteristics from a work place, and then go to "free floating", where you will assess their capabilities and in accordance with them will find a high-paying job. And, perhaps, open his own law firm.Job search lawyer must be accompanied by patience, endurance and hope. In many enterprises, you will hear rejection, but do not despair. The main thing is to keep looking and wait for the happy accident.