Who are lawyers and legal advisers

To operate with legal terms you need to understand their meaning. The main difference between a lawyer from legal adviser that the first is a specialty, professional qualification, and the second is the official post made to the current "Qualification reference book of positions of managers, specialists and other employees" approved by the Ministry of labour in 1998.

That is, lawyer – man, on a professional level understanding and studying questions of law with special legal education. There is a wide range of occupations, a requirement which is legal education. These include the judiciary, law enforcement and foreign Affairs: notaries, lawyers, judges, legal advisers, investigators, prosecutors and other Lawyers are considered to be scientists and scholars, employees of government bodies involved in law-making activities.

Counsel – a narrower concept. Is a lawyer on duty in a narrow theoretical or practical area of law, ensuring the observance of legality in the framework of a particular form of legal relationship. This profession is especially in demand at enterprises and organizations operating in various fields: management, construction, trade, transport, etc. the Office of legal counsel also has a width in accordance with the qualification, it can be just a legal adviser and a senior, lead or principal.

Duties of legal counsel

Counsel on the production of a wide range of duties. He is involved in the development of documentation of a legal nature and verifies all official business documentation for compliance with the legislation. He provides technical, legal and consultation support of structural subdivisions and social organizations in the preparation of business documents. His participation is required in the preparation of substantiated responses to the rejection of claims and complaints.

The responsibilities of this specialist include participation in judicial proceedings conducted in the arbitration and civil courts, as the custodian of the pending and completed enforcement cases. Counsel conducts systematic analysis and summarizes the results of the judicial practice and the practice of conclusion and execution of commercial contracts to identify legal violations and address them to improve the efficiency of economic-financial activity of the enterprise.