In order to occupy the position of judges in the Russian Federation should meet the following requirements:

  • a judge can become a citizen of the Russian Federation;

  • should have law degree;

  • no criminal record or criminal prosecution;

  • the candidate must have a residence permit or citizenship of a foreign state;

  • the applicant must be capable;

  • not consist on the account in psychoneurological and narcological dispensary;

  • not to have diseases that can hinder the work of the judge.

To become a judge in the constitutional Court will meet all the above requirements age at least 40 years and 15 years of legal experience.

The Supreme Arbitration and the Supreme Court can get at the age of not less than 35 years and should have 10 years of experience in the legal profession. To become a judge of the arbitration, constitutional, district, garrison military courts need to be aged at least 25 years and with experience not less than 5 years. To occupy the remaining judicial vacancies at all levels should be at least 30 years legal experience not less than 7 years.

The judge should be guided in their practice by the principles of fairness and justice: verdicts must be imposed on the basis of a brilliant legal knowledge in the context of justice and life experience. Also, the essential characteristics of the judge should be honesty and humanism: the man who sees the victim, the defendant or other persons participating in the case, "tool", but not "the purpose" might not be suitable for litigation.

When the judge takes the oath, he swears to faithfully and honestly perform their duties, which consist in the exercise of fair and impartial justice, as told to him by his conscience and duty.