On the right side of the sheet write the chief of police of that district, his name is to specify a recommended, but optional. Next email from someone the statement, indicate your surname, name, patronymic and home address.
Digressing a little, in the middle of the sheet write - statement.
Hereinafter set forth in detail the essence of the problem, mention all dates and illegal actions of the neighbors. Do not miss the slightest detail. Surname, name, patronymic of the neighborswho disturb your peace, their home address. Describe what you have already taken and where to go. Who and what measures have been taken on this issue. Outline in detail what exactly you disturb the neighbors, don't forget to mention your family and children, provide details on what you are experiencing inconvenience from the behaviour.
At the bottom put your signature with interpretation and date of writing the application.
If the statement is written from the collective of neighbors, then you must first specify the details of all the members, which written statement. To elaborate, what specifically bother your neighbors. At the end of statements also specify all data of each person.
You can write statements from each affected neighbor individually.
After reviewing your statement, the bodies of internal Affairs will be taken against your neighbours, starting from administrative fines to administrative arrest.