Advice 1: How to call the police

If what is happening around you is a threat to your life, you should seek the assistance of the police.Hardly anyone faced with a situation where without the help of the police well just not do. Well, if you are at home, and at your fingertips landline phone. Familiar from childhood with the number 02 will help out in difficult times. But what to do when, in addition to the cell phone, there is no other way to call the police?
How to call the police
The available number from any mobile phone – 112. It is a single telephone number for emergency call special services. Typing it, you will be able to call not only the police, but also emergency, service, gas service, fire or ambulance.
Easy this phone is the fact that you don't even need to remember. It is supposed to automatically access even with a negative balance on your account, blocked the SIM card or if the SIM card is absent. Most importantly, keep your mobile phone all worked and the battery was at least charged.
Just turn the phone off, then on again. Together with the words "Enter pin code" in the lower right corner of the screen will display "SOS".
At the touch of a button you will be prompted "Emergency call" and two inscriptions below him "Yes" and "No". After pressing the button corresponding to the confirmation of the operation start automatic call special services.
Another thing is that in the dark, and especially during the holidays, this number is often overloaded and to call asking for help can be extremely difficult.
There are several options of calling police with a cell phone. If your operator dial 020. When you use the services of an operator MegaFon – 1122. If your SIM-card from Beeline or Tele2 , use the number 002. For those who use the network of the sky link – 902. In any situation, you can try to call the same number - *02, 102 and 911.

Universal phone number: 8-XXX (area code)-000-02.
Generally, of course, it would be good to know in advance and record in your mobile phone, the current phone numbers of the district police Department, and best of all – district, supervising your quarter. When you call these numbers most likely what you quickly get me and you extra assist.
The window blind night, heard heart-rending cries for help. Imagine in the place of a suffering person themselves or their loved ones – because no one is immune from violence. Do not be indifferent, call the police. Perhaps in this moment you will save someone's life.

Advice 2: How to call the police on megaphone

In an emergency, you may need to call from a mobile phone to the police (or rather, the police), it is not always at hand can be a landline telephone. Network subscribers "the Megaphone" have the ability to communicate with emergency services even in cases where the phone number is blocked for non-payment or the phone is not inserted SIM card.
How to call the police on megaphone
The first option is the easiest: you dial a short number, in a well-known variant:
Fire protection - 01
Police (police)- 02
Ambulance - 03
Service gas - 04Однако, it is possible that the model of your mobile phone can not establish a connection with short numbers. In this case, after similar rooms in addition to take 0:
Fire Department - 010
Police (police) - 020
Ambulance - 030
Service of gas - 040
Another way - just remember the number of emergency - 112. When you call this number you will hear a message about the future set for connection to an emergency room.
To connect to:
fire Department, press 1:
with the police (the police), press 2;
with the ambulance service, press 3;
with gas service — press 4.
After pressing the selected key is a connection with the desired service.

Advice 3: How to call the police from a mobile network MegaFon

In case you need to call the police (the police), when you do not have a landline phone, you can use the mobile device. Currently, mobile operator MegaFon provides an opportunity to its subscribers communication with emergency services even when the account has no funds or even sim card is blocked.
How to call the police from a mobile network MegaFon
Use the simplest way and dial on your mobile phone the number in the well-known version:
01 – fire protection;
02 – militia (police);
03 – ambulance;
04 – gas emergency.
In that case, if the model of your mobile phone does not support connection with short numbers, after similar rooms additionally enter 0:
010 – fire protection;
020 – militia (police);
030 – ambulance;
040 – gas emergency.
If your account has mobile phone no money or blocked your sim card, you can call the emergency service number 112. Follow the prompts of answering machine. So:
-press 1 to connect with the fire Department;
-press 2 to connect with the police (the police);
-press 3 to connect with the ambulance;
-press 4 to connect to the gas service.
After pressing the appropriate key will be connected with the required emergency service.
Call emergency services from a mobile phone is not charged and is free. This fact is enshrined in the legislation of the Russian Federation, violation of which is punishable under the administrative code of the Russian Federation.
Phone numbers valid in all regions of the Russian Federation.
In addition, when you call the militia (police) be vigilant and don't call the service for nothing and Vice versa – if there's something or someone needs help, do not pass by and enter this shortcode, perhaps you can save someone's life.
Useful advice
If you are a subscriber of another mobile operator, to call the militia (police) you need to dial:
MTS – 020;
Beeline – 002;
Sky-Link – 902;
Tele – 2 – 020;
Yutel – 020;
Motive -902.

Advice 4: How to call the police on the phone

Call the police with urban and with mobile phone. The number to call depends on the location as well as from the operator phone.
How to call the police on the phone
Make sure that the call to the police (or the police, depending on the state where you are) is really needed. About the challenge itself is an administrative offence, and if it is accompanied by a false message about the impending or already committed terrorist act is still a criminal offence.
To call the police from a landline phone, being in any city of the Russian Federation, dial 02. In the future, as translation public telephone network to the digital PBX, this number is planned to be changed to 102.
On the territory of Ukraine or the Republic of Belarus from landlines, dial 102.
If a wired phone is connected to PBX, first dial the exit code on a city network, and only then - 01.
For a free call to the police with a cell phone standard, GSM call number 112. Such a call can be made while in the apparatus of the SIM card of any operator, blocked or even with a negative balance, as well as with no card at all. Moreover, it will work even in international roaming. In addition, you can use the following numbers: in the Republic of Belarus - 101 in Canada and the USA - 911, Israel 106, in Australia - 000. Importantly, the phone was on, and the energy in the battery was enough to maintain his health. If the battery's discharged, and nearby there is a working outlet and the charger, put the device on charge, and only then call.
After a call to the number 112 could be a connection not with the police dispatch center, and IVR. The phrase, spoken to them, may sound like this: "To connect with the fire Department and lifeguards, press 1 police - press 2, with emergency - press 3 with gas service - press 4". Press 2 and wait for a response operator.
If the phone SIM card on the territory of the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Belarus to call the police number 02 (or 102), as with a landline. If the device does not support dialing of two digits, try room 02*, 020, or 002 is one of them must be suitable. In case, if has not approached any of them, dial 112, as described above. On the territory of Ukraine for subscribers of mobile operator Kyivstar may also send the number 102 SMS.
If you use a phone standard, CDMA (e.g., is connected to the operator "Skylink"), first try to call the number 902. If this does not work, try all the above options.
Note that the system of IP-telephony (e.g., Skype) is not intended for calling emergency services. Companies serving them will not guarantee the ability to call these services and are not responsible if a user was not able to reach them, finding themselves in an emergency. So accustomed to keep the cell phone everywhere: at home, on the street and at work. If you were in a situation where another way to tell about what happened there, call via IP-telephony one of your friends and ask them to call emergency services for him.
After the response, notify what happened, where you are, what your name is. Answer the other questions, if any, will be specified. Don't end the conversation until the operator asks you to do it.
Do not make false calls.

Before a tourist trip or a business trip find out emergency numbers in the city or the country of destination. Listed here may not work everywhere.
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