Call the clinic registry that serves your address. Phone your clinic to find out, after calling the help Desk. Usually the calls are accepted from 7 am to 11-12 hours of the day. To call to the clinic can be difficult, so please be patient.
State your first name, surname and address where you are. If the receptionist asks why you call the doctor, describe the symptoms of the disease. Only a specialist will be able to understand how urgently you need a doctor. Perhaps the receptionist will advise you to call an Ambulance if you believe that your condition requires emergency care.
Ask someone from neighbors or relatives to go to the clinic, if you call to the registry failed. May they will personally complete the application to call the doctor.
Lie in bed and wait for the doctor. The doctor usually comes in the afternoon after finish the visit to the clinic. If the therapist didn't show up until 18 hours, please call the reception in the hospital again. Maybe the doctor a lot of challenges and it is on its way to you. But there has to be some kind of glitch and your application did not pass. In this case, the registry staff will contact the doctor and you will be assisted.