You can call the police from a landline phone in any city of the Russian Federation by number 02. Please note that in some towns that have switched to digital ATS, in use room 102.
Try to call police using a cell phone of GSM standard emergency number 112. To make the call you can with a SIM card all operators, even if it is blocked or has a negative balance. Some modern phones allow emergency calls even when there is no card.
Please note that while roaming, you can use alternate numbers depending on the country. For example, in Ukraine, calling the police is 102, in Belarus - 101, in the USA and Canada 911, Australia 000, and in Israel - 106. Make sure the phone has sufficient battery charge to be able to make a call to report to the police all the necessary details.
While in the CIS, you can try to call the police by the numbers 02 or 102 with a cell phone. Some devices do not support the set of numbers consisting of two digits. In this case, you can dial a combination of numbers 02*, 002 or 020. Some mobile operators allow you to send and SMS to number 112.