After an accident first, check if anyone's hurt. If there is, provide them first aid where possible, set up the warning triangle, turn on the hazard lights and then call the police.
If there is a nearby pay phone, dial "02", introduce yourself to the Manager and briefly outline the situation, answering his questions. Usually these are questions about the presence of injured and their condition, and about the situation on the road.
If there is no nearby pay phone, use your cell phone and dial to call the traffic police-purpose room of the rescue service 112. The operator will redirect you to the service of traffic police of the district of Moscow in which the accident occurred. In addition, some network operators support the following phone numbers for calling emergency services:

- "Beeline" - 911;
- "The megaphone" - +7 (495) 02;
- "ASVT" - 999.
If all these phones are currently busy, and the matter is urgent, dial from a pay phone or cell phone number 937-99-11 ( rescue service, police) or 208-34-26 (EMERCOM in Moscow).
If your mobile phone crashed during an accident, or you lost it at the scene, contact witnesses of the accident with a request to call this. With the same purpose, you can try to stop passing cars and ask the drivers to call the police or drive to the nearest post and report the accident.
At the very least make a call directly to the insurance company, not the traffic police, as expected in such cases. Explain the situation and ask them to call the inspector.
If the accident is minor, you have the right, by agreement with other participants of the accident, to arrange it yourself, making a detailed description with the involvement of the testimony and, if possible, photographs. These documents you will need to immediately deliver the closest reference point of traffic police for registration and receive the appropriate certificate. Total damage should not exceed 25 thousand rubles.