Before writing the complaint, clearly decide what results you want to achieve. It must be justified from the point of view of the legislation. Demand what you are entitled by law.
To register a complaint with the local police preferably on the computer on a sheet of A4 paper, it's an official document. Write without errors in accordance with the requirements of registration statements. For this purpose in the upper right corner of the sheet, specify who is forwarded the complaint, noting the position, family name, patronymic. Write what it takes. If the complaint is a collective, from all tenants, email address, and in conclusion it is necessary to record all the names.
Next, state the nature of the claims. Do not think that the more you write, the better. This is not so. You need to specifically and clearly state the facts, indicate the number and time of the events,names and address of those to whom you have a claim, and the names and address details of possible witnesses. In the future, the district will have to talk to them.
If you have repeatedly tried to take action, for example, conducted interviews, made a complaint, but it brought no results, please indicate this in the complaint. Perhaps you were forced to call the guards, and write about it.
In conclusion, you need to list, ask what measures to take. For example: "I Ask you to hold a conversation with neighbors, to warn them about administrative responsibility for drunken scandals in a public place." Date, enter your surname, name, patronymic and signature. If the complaint is a collective, don't forget to write a list of tenants and the numbers of the apartments and collect their signatures.