Many residents of apartment buildings face the fact that their flooded neighbors from above. It is usually possible to negotiate amicably – the perpetrator voluntarily pays for the repair and parallel repair plumbing and Sewerage system in your apartment. If the neighbor does not want to solve the problem, contact to start in a management company serving your house. It is best to go there in the day, when you have filled in. Call a technician that needs to make the act. This document is the basis for trial.
Your next step is to the magistrate, who need to recover from the neighbor for the damage you harm. Quite often, application to the court is sufficient it is not even parsed. If the parties agree, the judge makes a decision based on the evidence you provided.
Some homeowners believe that the right to do in his apartment all they want. It is not so. In any case, the owner must not violate the rights of neighbors. Rights may be violated, if the owner made the illegal alterations, damage, for example, bearing wall or house system. In this case, we can safely complain in the State housing inspection. Neighbor will be obliged to return the housing to its original state. Housing inspection itself may start a judicial procedure.
If the neighborhood the apartment is constantly making noise, including night, complain to the district inspector of police. Such conflicts parses it. You can find it in near the police. However police inspector takes the citizens of his district on certain days. At other times you can just call the police. The violation of silence at night is an administrative offense, so the neighbor would first have to attend a meeting of the administrative Commission and then to pay a fine. This caused the police officer must draw up a report.
A neighbor, who constantly puts the car on the lawn, you can complain to the office of the traffic police. Illegal Parking is a violation of the rules of improvement, which are in every city. This offense is punishable by an administrative fine. It may be that for such things you will not be able to invoke the service of road safety. Find out what structure your municipality deals with the rules of improvement. This information must be on the official website. There you will find information about who, except police officers, shall have the right to be in this case, the Protocol. In each municipality there are employees. Call this employee. In addition, you can invite two more neighbors who do not like Parking on the lawn, and work together to write a complaint to the local authority. Better to take a picture of the car so that you can see the rooms.