Determine whether you have the right you or your relative, neighbor, and so forth, to free accommodation and care at public expense in a nursing home. According to article 15 of the Law on social security of citizens article 17 of the Model provisions on a home for the elderly and disabled, in a nursing home may be placed persons of retirement age or with disabilities first and second groups over the age of 18 who are unable to maintain themselves, need care, domestic assistance and medical care. They should not be parents or children of working age, who are obliged to assist their children (parents) according to the law. Also the health status of the elderly person or disabled should not prevent living in such a public place as a home for the elderly.
The statement with the request to be in a nursing home must be submitted to the local office of the Department of social protection of the population. There you will be given a list of required tests based on absence of infectious diseases and chest x-rays and vaccination against diphtheria. Also need opinion from a therapist, psychiatrist, dermatologist, oncologist, for women the gynecologist.
After all the medical procedures and checks have been completed, and the exterminators will stamp the certificate you do not have infectious diseases, you will need to contact the housing office (housing authority) and the passport office to get help about your housing and its type. Note: if the housing reprivatisierung, and you live in it alone, it will remain for you only within six months from the date of the settlement in a nursing home, according to article 12 of the Law on social services for elderly citizens and the disabled. You will also need to transfer the pension to a new address.