You will need
  • - The document proving the identity
  • - Additional information and documents, in each case,
Residence there, and nowhere to live because expel relatives, parents or spouse. If you have a residence permit in the residential area, then here and expect a share of the footage, and nobody has the right to expel the tenant. In this situation, if the matter peacefully fails, go to court. Provide passport, residence permit and a statement on the division of property. In the proceedings, the court will be obliged either to pay the other tenants the cost of the lawful share, or indicate the share of each owner to stay legally.
Refugees and internally displaced persons have the right to provide only temporary housing, as provided by law. To obtain housing can only citizens belonging to socially disadvantaged groups (single pensioners, invalids of 1 group, single mothers with children up to 3 years, many children). Provide a certificate of a privileged category of immigration. Expect a response with a direction to provide temporary housing. While will be considered, shall be required to provide the temporary reception housing, but stays are limited to 5 days.
There is a category of victims, which is appropriate, if the house/apartment was destroyed spontaneously. Please see the available documents to the local administration, in case of failure in registration, please contact the court statement. If the housing is damaged by fire for an unknown reason, while it was not insured, then unfortunately, the law provides no compensation.
The provision of housing when changing the place of residence voluntarily is not provided. However, as a variant, it is possible to get a job with the provision of living space. To do this, prepare a standard set of documents for registration of work and a statement about the securing of living space.