Find like-minded people. The more unhappy you get, the easier it will be to prove wrong the authorities. In addition, it comforts you: it is unlikely that the head in a fit of anger, fired half their staff.
In its claim, describe in detail what you do not like, what are the points of the labor code was violated by the employer, what are your rights have been violated. If you have any documents (employment contract, time sheet, time tracking, vacation schedule, job description), confirming it, be sure to attach them to the claim.
Describe what losses you have incurred because of the violation of employer rules. For example, due to the delay of wages you were not able to repay the loan for the car or due to missed deadlines leave you have lost the ticket to Thailand. This way you will be able to rely not only on the payment of legitimate salaries, but to compensation for your losses.
Specify the deadline within which your claim must be considered. For example, if the situation is not corrected within ten days, you will send a complaint to the labour Inspectorate. After that, all in solidarity with you, the workers must put their signatures under the document.
If within the specified period of time the situation has not changed, feel free to send a complaint to the labour Inspectorate. This can be done personally handing the documents to hand to the inspector (he will have to put his signature and the date when the documents were submitted, the second copy which will remain), as well as sending the claim by registered letter. The labour Inspectorate is obliged within one month to consider your appeal, direct the Commission to your office and to take measures in case of confirmation of the validity of the claims. Your boss could face a fine or imprisonment.