You will need
  • - the statement about violation of rights.
  • - materials for evidence.
Find out if the enterprise Union organization. Unions are formed mainly to protect the rights of employees and defend their violated labour rights and interests. If your firm is part of a larger enterprise is likely to issues the offense will be adjusted combined legal service.
Write a written complaint with indication of violated rights, and submitted to the appropriate authority. Claims should be described in as much detail as possible, indicating the time and place of the violation, and committing it. be Sure to attach the document by personal signature.
Attach to the complaint materials, which can be used as confirmation of the fact of violation of the Labor code, such as a copy of the employment contract, employment records, accounting records, job descriptions, copies of orders etc.
Direct your complaint to the regional State labour Inspectorate, if your organization has no trade Union or relevant authority refused to accept your claim. Representation of the state Inspectorate are available in all major Russian cities. You can also find out who the inspectors in charge of your organization, and make an appointment for personal reception.
Turning to the labour Inspectorate must also prepare a full package of documents, and a written complaint register in the office. The time the complaint is usually a month. If the application is accepted, employees of the state Inspectorate will personally contact the management of the company and send the request with the requirement to eliminate the violations and to restore the legitimate rights of the employee. If the company management fails to satisfy the requirements, the case is sent for further consideration by the district court.