You will need
  • - your contract of employment;
  • - access to the Internet or a telephone directory;
  • - the passport.
Assess the situation. If the company owes to all employees, and not in a hurry to pay, to wait for a change is not necessary. Do not waste time on appeal to the Union and discuss the situation with the deceived colleagues. The more debt on a salary, the less chance that the company will pay him in full. Simply put, all the money may not be enough. In a situation of debt repayment the winner is the one who started to return the debt first.
Write a request to the General Director of the enterprise with the requirement to explain the reasons for the delay of wages and a clear timeframe for receiving the money. The request must be in duplicate. Upon failure of the Director or Secretary to accept a request, send it certified mail.
Collect the necessary documents. Remove a few copies of the employment contract, passport request. They will need to apply to all statements. The statements themselves are also worth to copy. Keep all documents in one folder. Don't throw anything away until then, until final payment is received.
Contact the labour Inspectorate. Make a statement where you specify what time you do not pay wages. The sample applications can be found in the admissions office. If you can't come to the labour Inspectorate in person, send a statement by registered mail. Indicate that you handed leadership's request about the timing of the payment and not received an answer.
Without waiting for the results from inspection, make an application to the district Prosecutor's office. Your application will be assigned to the inspection of the company. Before calling makes sense to announce your plans to the leadership and to demonstrate the finished statement – sometimes this is enough to get the full payment.
If the user does not contact, contact the court. You must submit a claim on your place of residence or the place of registration. The statement require the return of all you put money and compensation for their delay is not below 1/300 rates of refinancing of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. The calculation you have to make your own. The court will either agree with your amount, or will make their own calculations. If we are talking about the return of the "white salary", most likely, the decision will be taken in your favor.After adjudication, the responsibility for the recovery of money entrusted to the bailiffs. If the employer does not make payment voluntarily, they have the right to seize the property of the company (including Bank account). Keep in mind that personal property of the Director's arrest does not apply.