According to the Labor Code under labor contracts payments to employees must receive twice a month, strictly in the indicated days. However, such a punctuality rarely meet in most companies, the calculation is done once a month, and to move the coveted pay day the employer is not worth anything.
If you work for a business recently, check from the veterans policy of the authorities about the payments. Maybe a day or two delay routine here. But a week of non-payment must seriously be alerted.
Do not delay, contact your employer about the timing of the receipt of wages. Be satisfied with vague promises, ask for an exact date.
If the boss can't say anything intelligible, or violates the terms promised to them, seriously think about whether or not to work in this company. Perhaps now a seasonal decline? Or the company is undergoing reorganisation and the difficulties are temporary? Honestly answer these questions.
No apparent reason for nonpayment is not, and money and is not expected? Or, even worse, some employees money received, while others, including you, no? Then it's time to act.
Remember, which is composed of your salary. If in the labour contract part of it is designated as a prize, keep in mind that this prize you can legitimately not pay. But all the word "salary", are required to pay.
Contact the labour Inspectorate, and if you can't take off work, send to the address of the inspection a certified letter with an attached statement. The statement in a free form state that you are not paid a salary, enter the terms of payment and reasons voiced by the employer.
In fact your application will be audited. In the course of it is usually revealed a lot of minor violations such as the lack of a vacation schedule or system of time tracking. The employer's first visit from an inspector is usually not impressive, however, filed a statement will prove to him that joke you did not intend.
Go to the boss and in an accessible form explain how you intend to act. The next item on the agenda will be an application to the district Prosecutor's office. If this is not effective, you submit a further statement, in the city Prosecutor's office. Explain to the Director that deliberate nonpayment of a salary more than two may be regarded as a criminal offence.
Maybe after these statements, the Executive decides that you should quit. Agree. However, explain that in your plans do not include a resignation. You leave by agreement of the parties, tentatively reaching document on the conditions of termination of the employment contract. This is the only way to completely not only white, but black wages. Calculate amount of debt and add a certain percentage for non-pecuniary damage. These amounts are recorded in the agreement and certified by the signature of the Director of the company. Thus, the black wage whitewash, and completely legal.
If the Manager does not agree, do not worry and do not take positions. Carry out their threats. Write a statement to the regional Prosecutor's office and another statement to the labour Inspectorate. Modesty is misplaced. Remember – these organizations exist precisely in order to protect your rights. Having a couple of checks and after receiving a number of fines, your boss will understand that it is easier to pay and to part with you. What do you actually wanted.