Not every organization carefully takes the duty of paying taxes, contributions for employees in the public funds. For the purpose of evasion from making appropriate payments are used in a variety of ways, including results of informal wages, keeping double-entry bookkeeping and some others. For employees, this situation is highly undesirable because it greatly violated their employment and pension rights, and to oblige the company to pay in the budget almost impossible. The only way out is to file complaints to Supervisory bodies authorised to carry out inspections of business entities.

Where to send complaints?

Any employee who discovers the facts of non-payment by the employer statutory payments to the budget, can compose and send complaints to the territorial Department of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, tax inspection at the place of location of the organization, the labor Inspectorate and the Prosecutor's office. The complaint should clearly state the point made by the employer violations, ask about the inspection in relation to the company. In this case, the guarantee of a positive response to such treatment by the authorized bodies is the filing of a complaint with the personal signature of employee (or more signatures of the employees). Anonymous applications are generally not considered, except in cases of appeals to the tax service, which offers anonymous filling in a special form.

What are the consequences of the employee?

Many employees are afraid of negative consequences in the form of layoffs, financial sanctions from the employer, so do not complained. However, anonymity can be achieved by special request for the preservation of the name of the applicant confidential. A request should be included in the text of the complaint, with the result that the employer will not be easy to find out which of his employees decided to protect their own rights. Particularly relevant to this recommendation would be to staff of large enterprises the number of employees in which hundreds of people. Supervisory authorities in the result of the complaint will bring the company to administrative and tax liability, and will be obliged to pay all arrears, with the result that employees ' rights are restored.