You will need
  • - passport;
  • - copy of employment record;
  • - employment contract;
  • - the documents confirming the violation of the rights of the employee.
Use to resolve the conflict with the direct supervisor of administrative capabilities. If you claim your boss you think is unjustified, contact to senior management. In the correct form describe your complaint and ask them to intervene in the conflict. Experienced plant Manager will prefer to settle the situation on the spot, without waiting, when it becomes the subject of legal proceedings.
Find out whether the enterprise trade Union and the Commission on labor disputes. These organizations can act as a mediator in resolving disputes. Contact the trade Union Committee or a specific Commission with a written statement. This measure, however, may be effective only at a fairly large company that has a reputable trade Union, able to influence team relationships.
Refer the complaint to the State Inspectorate of labor in your region, if to settle the conflict within the enterprise is not possible. Find out who the inspectors oversees your company. Make an appointment in advance of formulating its claim. The employee of the labour Inspectorate will help you to draw up the document correctly and accepts the complaint for execution. The check results you set out the facts the company's management will have to take action and to report to it before the inspection.
If you think that the actions of the head affect your employment rights, contact the Prosecutor's office or judicial authorities. Making a statement or a claim, please specify the norms of labour rights have been violated. Attach to the statement copies of documents proving your story: employment contract, copy of employment record, financial records, payroll sheets and so on. By results of consideration of your complaint, the offender may be subject to administrative and even criminal liability.