In order to protect their rights, what violates your employer, please first to the labour Inspectorate whose main function is to control the labour laws. Such an inspection is available in every city.
State your claim in writing. Try not to "get involved", write briefly, on the merits and without emotion. Very hard to read long messages until you get to the end, forget what was in the beginning. Do not take a written complaint more than one or two pieces of paper (A4 format).
That would properly articulate their claims, specify what exactly the violated rights, and then try to specify how, in your opinion, it is possible to correct this situation.
List argued the facts of violation by the employer of your rights, which might provide evidence, i.e. confirmed by documentary evidence, or testimony. And the more they have, the more effective will be the complaint.
Complete list of so-called application, and make it to the end of the written complaint. The text of the complaint make reference to existing documents. The volume of such applications is not limited, it all depends on your ability to collect the evidence base.
Be sure the text of the complaint request on Your written response and specify the address of the recipient of the response.
What to do if a complaint against the employer to the labour Inspectorate have not had the expected result? Then you need to contact the Prosecutor's office. In this case, their claims must be set forth in writing, however, subject to the following rules.
Correctly fill in the header of the application – in the upper right corner of the sheet of paper to indicate what kind of attorney you submit an application (preferably the address of the Prosecutor) and his office, with the name of the Prosecutor is optional. To send the statement follows the Prosecutor's office, which is geographically located in the area to find your employer.
The essence of the issue can present in any form, but short and clear. Specify in the complaint: who are you, date of employment, date of dismissal (if any), how the employer has violated Your rights in law, and then specify their requirements (for example, "please take steps to...")
In addition to its coordinates, let the coordinates of your company with names of managers, addresses, and telephone numbers. Throw away all personal stories, only the specifics. At the end of the application sign and date.