You will need
  • The phone connected to the MTS
Some cell phones already have pre-set profiles MMS MTS MTS MTS WAP and INTERNET, and detailed information about these services is contained in the phone manual. In this case, it is necessary to activate the required profile.
If not, you have the opportunity to choose one of the automatic settings for Internetand MMS. The first option is to call from a mobile phone to the number 0876 (free while in home network - the region where the contract was made on the connected mobile phone to the network MTS).
The second option is to send a blank SMS message to number 1234 (free of charge - during your stay in the region; roaming outgoing message is to be paid at the appropriate rates).
A third option is to go to the official website of MTS and enter your mobile phone number in a special window in the "Private clients" - "Assistance and service" - "Settings".