You will need
  • phone;
  • - the passport.
Ask your mobile phone from relatives or friends. Find out which mobile operator is the owner. If it is MTS, please dial the free short reference number 0890.
Room 0890 valid only in a network of MTS throughout the Russian Federation. Also call it is possible to carry out, being a subscriber of network UMC (Ukraine), MTS (Belarus), UZDUNROBITA (Uzbekistan). Upon arrival in one of these countries are subscribers of MTS will automatically switch to these operators.
In the case where a mobile phone served by another operator or calling from a landline phone, then dial 8 800 250 0890. The call is free.
If the missing card or phone you caught abroad please call the number: +7 495 766 0166. This service is available to all subscribers of MTS, roaming free. Please note that the number must be dialed in international format, starting with +7.
Referring to one of the above rooms, listen to the necessary information. Turn the phone into tone mode dial articulated robot figure. Wait until the operator answers, tell me about your problem. You will be asked to give personal information. After necessary checks the SIM card is successfully blocked.
At the same time lock the stolen SIM card, you have the opportunity to order new, but with the same set of numbers. This will eliminate the need to notify friends, relatives and colleagues about the other room.
Keep in mind that the new SIM card does not contain old telephone numbers. So it's time to remember who of your friends you have more in common ties, and to meet him.