Advice 1: How to unlock MTS

If the balance of your mobile will go in minus, it is likely that the room block. If you try to call you again hear a "Number blocked", looking for a way to solve this problem.
How to unlock MTS
The most common reason for blocking the account is not paid in time conversations. In this case, to deal with the situation is very simple. Put money on the phone. Usually to unlock a simple rate should be at least 10 rubles. For the rate that is used to access the Internet, 50 rubles. When you put the money through the machine, consider the Commission.
The case may be, and is not in suspension of the account. Some of the rates when you reach certain figures of the balance sheet (positive), the ability to call is disabled.
Wait until the money comes to your account. Check your account balance. If you are "in the black" - let's move on. Try to make any operation using the connection. Send SMS, MMS, call someone. After that the account should unlock. Note that sometimes for full unlock you need to wait 24 hours.
If not, try to restart the phone. Again not out? Please contact customer support. Her number in MTS – 0890. In the voice menu until communication with the operator. Explain your situation. The operator will tell you what exactly is your problem and indicate the next steps. In particularly difficult cases you may need to go to the office of MTS. With this on hand, you must have a passport and a contract made when purchasing the SIMcard.
Money in the account is enough, but your number was suddenly blocked? Maybe it's the debt to another number. If your name was multiple SIM cards, you are responsible for the balance of each of them. And if the account is in one of the rooms go in the negative, will block rooms for you. In this case, you will have to repay all the debts.
The problem may not be the only expense, but also in the SIM card. Her lock occurs during a long non-use (60-180 days, depending on the tariff). In this case, the recovery SIM card is impossible. Also you can't go to the salon MTS and get a new SIM card with the same number.

Advice 2: How to unlock phone or SIM card

The common reason for blocking a SIM card is a rare use of the owner (less than once every 3-6 months). For such users, to recover your card, you have to spend a lot of time and contact your mobile operator.
How to unlock phone or SIM card
If you are the owner of the SIM card of the operator "MTS" and it is designed for you, then restore the active SIM card, please contact the office of customer support. Call customer service in this case is meaningless, since you can conduct the unlock procedure only with the personal presence of the card owner. If your mobile number is registered to another person (parents or friends, for example), then your presence in the office is not enough, the SIMcard will only recover when it is the man on whom she was. Don't forget that when you visit the salon you will need an identity document (passport).
To unlock the card "Beeline", you must also contact the office of the company or to the dealer "Beeline", and then to fill in a special application to restore SIM card. Usually the application will be reviewed and confirmed within days of the filing. The recovery procedure is free, the condition of its carrying out only one thing - the presentation by the owner of the passport.
To subscribers "the Megaphoneand" in case of blocking of the SIM card it is possible to "revive", referring to the company's office or by calling customer service at the number 5077777 or 0500. Experts will help you to understand the situation and fix the map. If this is not possible, you will be asked to write an application for refund (if any amount was in the account) or to purchase a new number.
Useful advice
Use the SIM card at least once every two to three months, and then you don't have to activate it again. If the card will be inactive more than the specified period it may not be simply blocked-you may lose your room.
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