Of course, if you want to call the operator MTS mobile, you will not be thrilled that your account will write off the money. So there are special rooms that allow you to obtain the necessary information for free.
To call to MTS from any mobile phone in Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan and Ukraine should be typing short number 0890.
If you are in international or long-distance roaming, the operator recommends that you call the hotline MTS by phone +7-495-766-0166. The call in this case will be free. You must dial the number in international format using a prefix plus a seven. To reach call-center MTS in roaming from another country through 8 will not work.
In MTS, you can call from other mobile operators (MegaFon, Beeline, Tele2 and others), as well as with a landline. For this it is recommended to use the room free hot line 8-800-250-0890.
Many users MTS complain that long time can not connect with a live operator referral service. Due to busy hot lines they have to use an automated system to answer calls. If you find it difficult to deal with the problem, dealing with Voicemail, you can call a live operator both from mobile and landline phone at the above numbers and, after listening for some time the talk of the automated system, enter in intervals of a few seconds the keys are 2-2-0. So the command worked, you need to be tone dialing. Mobile devices are normally automatically switched in such a position, and to dial in the city phone, after connecting to the hot line you have to press the asterisk. In addition to team 2-2-0 many also recommend to recruit and 4-0. These figures also allow you to quickly get through to a live operator.
If for any reason you can't call the operator MTS mobile or landline phone, you can also contact the help Desk via email by sending an email to