Visit a shop or the nearest office of your mobile operator. Inform the Manager the cause of the loss of the room. If you stole the phone then first will be blocked your old SIM card, and then you issue a new card with the same number.
Fill out the application at the recovery room. Be sure to bring your passport or passport and power of attorney, if the SIM card has been obtained for the organization. As a rule, the recovery procedure takes less than half an hour. When difficulties arise you will be told when you can go for a new SIM card.
Complete the online application form on delivery of the SIM card on the website of the company "MTS" the link At the top you have to select the region of your residence, then indicate what type of subscribers you belong to and in which city will be delivered. There is also a function of expedited shipping, but it is paid.
Click "Next", fill in the questionnaire. Here you must specify the recovered telephone number, passport details, place of residence and contacts, you can contact the courier. Again click "Next" and then complete the order. After some time, you will be contacted by the operator "MTS" and specify the conditions of delivery of the restored rooms.
Take advantage of the online store "MegaFon" on the link where you have the option to restore the phone. Click on the "Continue" button under the login form. Fill out the application form for a replacement SIM card. Mandatory fields are highlighted with yellow color. The delivery address can be omitted, and to negotiate with the operator "MegaFon", which will give you a call some time after the departure of the statements. You will be provided with the identification number of the order, which will need to be confirmed upon receipt of the restored rooms.
Contact the operator "Beeline" (495)974-8888 to restore the phone. Explain the reasons for the loss of SIM-card and confirm their identity, saying the passport data in the contract. You can also write a letter with similar information, which should indicate a contact phone number for communication. Send application by e-mail or by Fax (495)974-5996.