Why you need a support MTS

OJSC "Mobile TeleSystems" provides cellular services, is the Internet provider offers connection packages of television channels, as well as recently having some of the banking services. MTS offers its subscribers a variety of tariff plans, which are not always easy to understand yourself. For Internet and home TV customers will need special equipment, installation, and operation of which is not always easy and straightforward.

Subscribers (both existing and potential) can lead to a number of issues related to a variety of services and offers of the company. You can ask them to contact center operators, as well as support MTS. In particular, it is possible to obtain information about the optimal rate of cellular communication and to clarify how to connect it. If you have any problems when setting up the Internet, you can also consult with a specialist by calling the support service of MTS.

Phone support MTS

0890. If you are a subscriber of MTS, you can dial this number from your mobile phone and get a free consultation in the customer support. Your call will be free if you exercise it on the territory of the Russian Federation.

+7 495 766 0166. This number is for calls from subscribers that are in roaming. The conversation will be free if you call from the sim card MTS.

8 800 250 0890. On this number you can make calls from any phone: landline or mobile, served by another operator. In Russia, the conversation will be free.

According to the numbers, you can contact the customer service Department MTS. They will advise you regarding the existing tariffs for mobile communications, the Internet and television. Can help resolve simple problems, and suggest how, for example, to obtain information about the status of your balance or request an itemized bill. If you are faced with a complex technical problem, the operator will transfer your call to technical support where you can get expert professional help. It is not always possible to repair the failure yourselves, even if you advise on the phone operator support services. If to cope with the problem, offers a specialist that will help you, for example, to connect to the Internet or configure the selected television channels.