There is often a need for significant change in conditions, reflected in the labor contractE. for Example, the employee increases the wage, or the employer and employee instead of the military decided to conclude an employment contract for an indefinite period. In this case a valid employment contract entered changes.
Article 72 of the labour code contains a provision stating that the terms of the employment contractand may be modified only by agreement of the parties. That is, the initiative for such changes can come from one of the parties. For example, a worker asks about the increase of wages, or the employer offers the employee another job. However, the coercion to change the terms of the employment agreementand is unacceptable, although sometimes practiced by employers in one form or another.
Coming to an agreement about changing conditions of the labour contractand the parties – employer and employee – make out his writing. As a rule, such agreement shall indicate which paragraphs of the employment agreementand are subject to change, they are presented in a new edition. If the employment contract entered multiple changesallowed the presentation of the employment contractand in the new edition with the date that starts to act in this new edition.