Often the initiator of the increase in positions is the head or chief officer, that is, it doesn't have to be the CEO of the organization. Usually, watching a great and timely implementation of the commitments, the head of Department decides to promote a successful doctor slightly higher. For this it needs the name of the head of the organization write a memo about improving the position. It should contain information about the employee, his education, professionalism, merits, all of which will play a positive role on improving.
After that, the employee should write a letter to the head of the organization with a request to transfer him to a higher position. In this document enumerating the merits and other details not necessary, just enough of the text: "Please transfer me to the post (specify which)". Just below your signature, and the date of preparation.
After all the above documents will fall to you, you should review them and approve (or reject). If the answer is positive, make an additional agreement to the labour contract. It should be done carefully, as promoting, you make changes to the terms of this legal document. The agreement must specify the new position, the date of transfer, the new salary and other modified information, such as opening hours.
Make the document in two copies, one of which is leave, the second pass to the employee. The agreement must be signed by both parties and bears the blue stamp of the organization.
After that, issue an order to transfer the employee to another position (form T-5). In it, specify the employee's details, i.e. name, employee number, former and new job, new salary, and reason for transfer, that is a statement, a memo.
Then sign the form and give it for examination to the employee, then he needs to sign it and put the date.
The next stage is changes in the labor book of the employee. In the Details section of the" write sequence number, then the date of transfer to, in column 3 write "Transferred to the post (specify which)". In the next column insert the number and date of order.
Further, on the basis of the order, make changes in the personal card (form T-2). Do this by entering the record into the category of "employment and transfers to another job".
If necessary, publish a job description and sign it with the employee. Also on the basis of the order, make changes in staffing.