Performance on a one-time bonus payments written by the head of the structural unit, which has promoted employee. If your organization has strict Blanca view, make it as a report or a memo.
In the upper right corner of a standard sheet of A4 write the full name of the position, surname and initials of the head. For example: "the Director of "Honest business" I. I. Ivanov". Then name your own title, initials and surname: "head of marketing Department S. V. Petrova".
Type the document title on the left in 2-3 lines below the details of the organization, if you are using letterhead or 1-2 lines below the last line of the "header". The title should be short and as specific as possible, for example: "the promotion leading specialist of S. S. Sergeeva" or "On bonuses leading specialist of S. S. Sergeeva" or "On material incentives leading specialist of S. S. Sergeeva". Stepping back 4-5 rows, the middle rows indicate the type of the document: "memo", "memo".
Start the text of the submission for awarding with the enumeration of merits employee. Sometimes the statement is formal if the rewarding initiative comes from the Director and the payout is already determined. In this case, may be limited to a General description of the professional qualities and performance specialist. For example: "the Leading specialist of the marketing Department of the S. S. Sergeev from the first day of work the company has established itself as a competent specialist that uses its potential for solving complex industrial problems. He constantly strives for self-development and skill-building. This year Sergeev successfully coped with their duties, repeatedly carried out additional orders of the chief, participated in the public life of the organization. Violations of labor discipline and other observations Sergeev has not. Please pay P. S. Sergeyev cash prize".
When the idea of bonuses comes "from below", from their direct Manager and superiors have to sell it, list specific facts, confirming the significant personal contribution of the employee. Describe in detail all the benefits that the organization received as a result of specialist activity. In addition, Express the assumption on the size of the award. For example: "the Leading specialist of the marketing Department of the S. S. Sergeev, in February 2011, has developed a campaign to attract the attention of potential customers for the new services of the company "Insurance house plants". As a result of the mentioned shares was concluded more than 150 insurance contracts reached more than 500 pre-arrangements. In addition, included additional terms in the previously concluded agreements that expand the range of services provided by LLC "Honest business" customers. Please encourage S. S. Sergeeva a cash prize of 30,000 rubles."
At the end of the memo indicate the position, surname and initials of the preparer, and put a personal signature. For example: "Head of marketing Department of S. V. Petrov". Coordinate the submission of the bonuses with the Deputy head who oversees the activities of your Department. Then pass to the consideration of the Director of the organization. After receipt of the resolution by the human resources Department will issued a decree on awarding, and accounting of accrued funds.