To make changes to Position about payment of labour you can only be the case if at the enterprise significantly changed the organizational and technological conditions of labor. Organizational conditions imply the reorganization of the company or reduction in staff number of staff. Changing technological conditions means the introduction into production of new technologies, more advanced and modern equipment or the restructuring of production.
Position about payment of labour is an integral part of the collective agreement, so before you make changes, you should consult with the trade Union Committee of the enterprise.
In advance, notify the Chairman of the trade Union about planned changes in the Position of paying labor and their causes. Announce the holding of the meeting, the agenda of which will be the issue of changing workers ' wages.
At the meeting state the reasons for which you want to change the salaries and bonuses of employees, and enlist the support of the trade Union Committee. The results of the meeting record.
Notify employees on planned changes in the payment of labour. This means that two months before the planned date of introduction of the new Provision, you must distribute to all employees against signature notification of change of their salaries. The existing conditions of labor must not be degraded by new changes in the Situation.
After two months, the current Situation acknowledge invalid and deploy already developed new. Draw it in the form of an Annex to the collective agreement of the enterprise.
If the company is no collective agreement, the changes in Position about payment of labor are issued in the form of an Annex to already existing regulations.
After you have introduced a new Position, make the changes regarding wage employees in their labor contract.