To publish the order of the head about changing the size of the salary, to familiarize the workers affected by such changes, under the painting. The order must specify the reasons for the change: due to staffing changes, the increased volume and complexity of the work. This is because when performing the same employment duties, the payment shall be made equal. Therefore, the employer at higher salary to a specific employee needs to comply with the obligation to provide workers equal pay for work of equal value. Prohibits any discrimination in the workplace transformation.
Any change to the terms of the employment contract of the employee should provide in advance, not less than two months.
Due to the fact that wages is an essential condition of the employment contract, if it changes, you want to change the employment contract. To do this, sign a supplementary agreement in writing. Specify the date from which the act a new term of payment.
Make a change in staffing.
Enter information about the new employee's salary to the program "1C: Salary and personnel".