You will need
  • - written notice;
  • - additional agreement;
  • order;
  • notification to the accounting Department.
To arrange an increase in salary, will notify the employee two months prior to this event. Although in practice the employer increases salary only orally warned the employee before the increase because of the increase in salary is unlikely anyone will complain to the labour Inspectorate. However, for non-compliance with change of salary specified in the labor laws, you may be liable to an administrative penalty, written notice therefore it is better to give anyone you plan to change the pay for work.
You can increase the salary and to adjust the increase in monetary amount or to specify what percentage increases in salaries. Most often the percentage is argued that inflation in the country and the growth of consumer prices for goods.
After the expiration of the two-month period, make additional agreement, where you specify all the amended terms of the employment contract and justify the reason for the salary increase. If you also change the name of the position or job function, all this in detail, point by point, describe in the supplementary agreement (article 72.1 of the LC RF).
After both parties have signed additional agreements, release orders to the unified form T-5. It specify the date of the salary increase, the reason. If changes were made to the names office, it is also describe in the order. If you raise wages in connection with growth of consumer prices and inflation in the country, to justify it is enough to specify article 134 of the labour code.
After increasing the salary submit a notice to the accounting Department for payroll in new ways.
The order give to the personnel Department. Responsible persons are required to make all changes in the personal card of the employee of the unified form T-2. If you changed the name of the position, the record is written in the workbook.