Advice 1: How to reduce the salary of the employee

In order to reduce the salary of the employee, you must enclose the additional agreement to the labour contract, to change the wage in the collective agreement or local standard act of the organization, to make changes in staffing, and to issue a corresponding order and notify the employee about it.
How to reduce the salary of the employee
You will need
  • - The labour Code of the Russian Federation;
  • - handle;
  • - documents of the employee;
  • - staffing;
  • - the local normative act;
  • - documents of the enterprise;
  • - seal of the organization.
The sizes of the salarys allowances, payments to employees of the organization must be contained in a collective agreement or a local normative act of the company. In accordance with article 135 of the Labor Code to reduce the size of the salaryand one of the employees should change the amount of wages in a particular specialist in one of the documents that govern the amount of remuneration of workers.
Make an additional agreement to labour contract with the employee, specify the size of the salaryand that he should be set. Be aware that the salaries of the expert are allowed to decrease, but it cannot be below the minimum wage, which is set by regional legislation. This requirement is spelled out in article 133 of the Labor Code. The right of signature on the part of the employer shall be the Director of the company, assures the seal of the organization, from the employee – employee, to the agreement which is supplementary agreement.
Make an order on changes in staffing. In the administrative parts of document, enter the surname, name, patronymic of the employee, the name of his position, structural unit. Specify the size of the salaryand that he should be set. Give the document number and date. Sign the order signed by the head of the company and the company's seal. Familiarize the employee with a document under the painting.
Make the appropriate changes in the current staffing structure in accordance with the order. Enter the sum of salaryand the worker. Make a notification to the employee. In the header, enter his surname, name, patronymic, position. The content of the document specify that his wage is reduced to a certain size. The notice must be hand specialist two months before the actual date of entry into force of the order on changes in staffing. A document duplicate in two copies, one which will put the personal signature of the employee, is the employer, another employee.

Advice 2: How to lower the salary

When hiring an employee is the employment contract. One of the main points of the Treaty is the appointment of a payroll and issued manual duties, which will be paid this salary. The agreement is signed bilaterally – employee and employer. An agreement to reduce the official salary should be between the two parties.
How to lower the salary
The employer has the right to lower the salary in connection with production necessity, changes and reorganizations of the company. Lowering only the salary is not. It can be reduced by shortening working time and reducing duties. If this is not done, when checking the labour Inspectorate the Director will write a huge fine, recognize the decrease in salary null and void and will be forced to pay the employee for all full.
Two months before the lowering of the salary of the employee share of the activity in written form on receipt. If the employee does not agree to a pay cut, offer him a job with a degree in your enterprises located in this district. Otherwise, the employee may find a two month job with a salary that suits him and quit.
If the employee left to work at your company, after two months make an order for the decrease in salary and an additional agreement to the labour contract, signing it bilaterally. The form of an order of the lower wages there, so it is made in any form indicating the amount of salary and the main reasons for his downgrade.
Additionally familiarize the employee with the job description, which reduced the scope of his duties.
In case of disagreement of the employee with the employer and the impossibility of reaching agreement about changing conditions of work and pay, the employee may apply to the labour Inspectorate or the court to resolve the dispute.
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