There is a stereotype that Moscow is a city of arrogant, and the provincials not like here. It is not so. Many highly paid professionals, executives and businessmen working in Moscow, came here from other cities. According to many surveys, most employers is quite positive attitude towards the specialists from the regions, considering them to be more industrious, energetic and responsible. In addition, their salary expectations and usually not as high as in Moscow.
Before you start to look for work, look how much you pay the professionals of your level in Moscow. This is easily done via the job search sites, there is an article about the average level of wages in a particular industry, "zarplatomer" tests, which determine the level at which you can claim. In addition, you can simply browse the job and to perform that you can count on. Then, specify in the summary salary slightly below this level by ten percent. So you have to "win" some Muscovites.
On many sites for job search there is an option that allows the employer to indicate whether he is ready to take a specialist from another city. In such jobs, you should pay special attention. But if you are interested in the vacancy, not having such mark, do not rush to abandon it: in the end, your resume may be much more interesting than others sent for this job.
If you live in another city and if for an interview you need to come to Moscow for a few days, agree with three to five employers about the interviews in a certain period (for example, in a particular week). This week you will be able to come to Moscow and go through from all the interviews, which will save your efforts and money. Most likely, at least one of them will be successful for you. The version of the conversation with the employer is almost always better than the option of a video interview, although some candidates are using that to not to go anywhere. In addition, you will be able to assess the conditions of work, condition of the office and observe employees.
Some companies offer to carry out tests or assignments in the specialty. Nonresident applicant may be asked to send them to him via e-mail. After passing this first screening stage, you will understand whether you can expect to work in this company. In addition, sometimes the test task talking about the employer and the nature of the work very much, and you after you follow them, will be easier to decide whether you personally this work.
The interview should focus on the best qualities attributed to nonresident applicants: on hard work and activity, and at a little low salary expectations. Better a little "play" in salary at first, but get in that company in which you would like to work. Then when you Express yourself, your income will grow - and possibly much more.