You will need
  • Mobile phone
If your model cell phone does not provide a connection to a short roomof AMI, such as 03, in order to cause "Ambulance aid" from a mobile phone connected to the network "MegaFon", type a combination of digits: 030. Press the call key.
Clearly and concisely what is the address of the place where you call emergency medical service and the reason for which necessary assistance. Try to speak clearly and persuasively, don't panic and don't razmenivayas to details.
Typing the emergency number 112 emergency, you will hear the voice message of the system about the need to work further a set of corresponding numeric keys to call the appropriate services. To call an Ambulance in this case you will need to press the key with the number "3". Remember that the call number "112" is possible even with a blocked sim card, mobile phone, or in its absence.
In that case, if within half an hour Ambulance does not come to your call, call the station again, and demand an explanation for such careless actions. If the duty paramedic refuses to accept your challenge, on the basis of any considerations, refer to the article of the criminal code, which prescribe penalties for failure to assist a patient and the abandonment of person in danger.
Contact the police by dialing from a mobile telephone 020 and inform them that the station of "Ambulance" refused to accept your call. In this case, the police officer will be required to make the appropriate call to the medical institution and put everything in its place.
Do not panic, if your phone bill to zero balance, calls to the emergency services implemented in the network "Megaphone" for free.