Become a professional looker. Call those people who are involved in various TV shows, playing the audience in the hall. Most of them get money for that, and not always small. Contact a specialized Agency, which in Moscow more than a dozen, or contact us directly from the administering extras. You will be asked to fill out a form and leave a couple of photos.
Wait for the call. Try to keep your phone always available for him. Then go at the appointed time in the Studio. Happy face and applause are all you need. A few hours work you will receive from 300 to 900 rubles.
Boost your earnings as a professional viewer, becoming a major character transfer. Every six months you can claim the role of the accused, the guests of the program from the people and other heroes, for which he will receive from two to five thousand rubles.
Participate in the polls. Your opinion can cost one hundred rubles, if to Express it in the right place at the right time. Many companies spend every day a large number of surveys, gather focus groups to explore a particular product. Track paid surveys. Depending on the subjects, timing and some other factors, you will receive from 200 to 3000 rubles.
Arrange a waiter. This work involves much more effort than previous versions, but it is paid accordingly. Without experience it is worth trying to get in the little cafes and restaurants, where managers are not as picky. Shift work will bring income up to twenty thousand rubles without regard to their tips, which range from one hundred roubles to several thousand per shift.