Remove the tube from a landline phone if you needed to call an ambulance assistance in a residential area, office, or other place where there is a landline telephone. Same procedure if you use a pay phone. The map in this case is not necessary to insert the calls to all emergency services (ambulance, police gas emergency service, rescue service) from payphones free of charge.
Heard continuous buzzer, dial 03 and wait for a response.
Enter 03 on the keypad of your mobile phone and press the call key, if you are a subscriber of Beeline.
030 dial on the keypad of your mobile phone, if you are a subscriber of MTS or MegaFon.
Wait for a response.
Inform the attendant what happened, formulate at least a presumptive diagnosis. For example: "I think I dislocated or broke his leg", "mothers water broke", "heart", etc.
Be prepared to tell the age, if you call an ambulance for yourself, or another person who needs help. If you call an ambulance to a stranger that cannot speak (e.g., is unconscious), try to tell at least the approximate age. For example, looks about thirty, unconscious.
Name address, which should arrive soon. If you call doctors on the house, call the house number, building number, if available, and the intercom code.
If you or someone else soon took on the street, try to consider the nearest home address (number and street name) or ask passers-by. Or use other reference points: metro station, the name of the shopping center, etc. the Main thing - the team, which will go to the call, they must know where to find you, and the Manager is to correctly Orient.
Inform the duty officer is also the phone that the ambulance crew will be able to contact you. If available and city, and mobile, give both.