Take a telephone directory and call emergency rooms of all hospitals in your city. Sometimes information on patients to help hospital service, which however works only in office hours or business hours.
Contact emergency services by dialing 03. Introduce yourself and try to figure out what hospital they took your family member. If you refuse to provide this information, ask the operator to dictate a phone number "General reference service "ambulance", if available in your city.
You can call and ambulance station located in your city. Talk to the doctor on duty and try to find out where you can take your family member or at least know some of the hospitals today, so-called emergency days (days in which emergency medical services).
Contact pay help medical service. These services are in almost all major Russian cities. They have a constantly updated database about all the patients, including those brought by ambulance.
If you are a resident of Moscow, visit the website of the Department of health – www.mosgorzdrav.ruwhere there is reference information (phones and addresses) for those citizens who want to learn about the fate of their loved ones. If you live in another city, try to visit the website of the city administration or the Department of health to find out the addresses or phone numbers.
If your family member was taken away in an ambulance unconscious and without documents, the search will have to organize yourself. Write the phone book on a separate sheet all addresses and phone numbers of local hospitals or save them in the memory of your mobile phone. Call one of the hospitals specified in the list, and ask, did not deliver them that day or the day before of people without documents. If not, continue the search until, until you answer in the affirmative. Go to the hospital and calling the on-duty specialist emergency signs your family member, select that person.